Truly memorable images

Truly memorable images

In his Guardian article on his Love of Leica, John Naughton uses a wonderful phrase that really strikes a true note:

I’m a photographer. No, let me rephrase that: I would like to be a photographer. In reality I’m merely an obsessive who takes lots of photographs in the hope that some day, just once, he will produce an image that is really, truly memorable.

I’m a huge fan of Cartier-Bresson, but I think it’s Ansel Adams who has always been my personal photography god. Someone who can take images like his, armed with a large format camera, a handful of glass 8″x10″ plates and take images like his like this is truly amazing.

Half Dome, Blowing Snow (Ansel Adams Gallery)

More here if you want to drool. I have one that made it back from the Ansel Adams Gallery in a much cared for envelope as Mark knows.

Maybe circumstances will smile and I’ll get the memorable image one day that I’m happy with 🙂

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